This blog is an invitation to come along on a journey which explores the depths of life and the beauty which lies within it.

Pain, despair or simply unhappiness are often with us. Sometimes they are necessary to help us come to terms with events in our lives. But often they are unnecessary; self inflicted or inflicted by an environment which is not fit for our needs.

I have created this website to create a beacon of light, goodness and knowledge which anyone might turn towards in times of difficulty. Of course, there are plenty of resources already available for this; but the texts offered here distinguish themselves from these in a crucial way: they seek to help you find deep understanding and meaning rather than offering hollow checklists, cheap tricks or superficial solutions.

I will not lie; to understand and apply what is discussed on this website is challenging; it will require you to think deeply and be honest with yourself.

Why is this website called Spear of Light? Because it can bring you light and goodness; but for this it must pierce through the layers and layers of convenient deception, lies and habits we have unwillingly nourished every day of our lives. Take this spear of light and understanding into your own hands and embrace a better way of living for yourself and others.

Most ideas presented here will be in rough form and invite your contribution to refine, improve or discard them.

Blog cover image by FelixMittermeier