Habit Tracking February

This post is to document the tracking of my habits for the month of February 2020 according to my habit tracking system. Here the overview of how I tracked against the habits I aimed to follow this month: Exercise and Stretching: Similarly to January, I was again able to exercise quite regularly. This included both … Continue reading Habit Tracking February

Who controls the economy?

The economy shapes much of our lives. It determines what job we can or cannot get; it determines what we can buy or cannot buy; it determines where we live; it determines what healthcare we can get; frankly there is little in our lives which is not influenced by the economy. With something so important … Continue reading Who controls the economy?

Personality Types: Given or Chosen?

Since the ancient times, we were interested in categorising people into categories based on their personality types. Hippocrates distinguished between the four fundamental personality types of sanguine, choleric, melancholic and phlegmatic. More modern approaches identified different categories, such as Popular Sanguine, Perfect Melancholy, Powerful Choleric and Peaceful Plegmatic from the popular book Personality Plus. Generally … Continue reading Personality Types: Given or Chosen?