April Review: Creating a Workout Program

April marks the slow descent into Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. Like everywhere else in the world, we are still in lockdown. I am working from home, which is not too bad. I was able to stick to many of my habits quite successfully in April, especially in comparison to March: Habit Tracking April I … Continue reading April Review: Creating a Workout Program

Wholesome Goals for Every Day

I've discussed a number of practices that may aid in the path to enlightenment. Each of these, I believe is valuable and worthwhile to pursue; however, in their sum, they are quite an undertaking to accomplish, and it is very difficult to practice each of them daily. I, for once, fail at that miserably. Thus … Continue reading Wholesome Goals for Every Day


It is easy to say and it feels right to say that we should seek truth. Truth is one of the key tenants of the Enlightenment movement. Rather than following superstitions and other socially constructed concepts, the early scientists of the enlightenment sought out truth which may be obtained by measurement, experiment and by application … Continue reading Truth