These practices may help in finding a happier, more fulfilled and healthier life.

Practice: LoveEmbrace love in an ever expanding circle of inclusion.
Practice: Healing CompassionSend those in difficulty your compassion.
Practice: Irrelevance and ImpermanenceContemplating our relative importance in the context of creation.
Practice: EquanimityFinding a peaceful place between the currents of life.
Practice: InterbeingExploring the connectedness of everything.
Practice: GratitudeJust being thankful for what we have got.
Practice: Body MindfulnessBecoming aware of the body that is ours.
Practice: Thought MindfulnessListing to our brain thinking.
Practice: ForgivenessForgive yourself, others and the world.
Practice: JoyMake space in your life for joy.
Practice: ExerciseKeep yourself fit and healthy.
Practice: Mental ImageryVisualise something peaceful to find inner calm.
Table of Practices

Picture credits: concon