Memory, Mindfulness and Imagination

I've already written about what I understand to be the benefits of having a better memory in the modern world. These were namely to aid us in our thinking and to help put things into a shape and form that makes it easy for others to remember. Now, after having contemplated this for a bit … Continue reading Memory, Mindfulness and Imagination

Memory System Part 3: Imaginary World

In the first and second parts of this series I have discussed the advantages of a memory system as well as proposed a simple technique for organising thinking. A particular focus of the presented technique was to provide a very lightweight way to order thoughts, with minimal requirements to adorn what we want to remember … Continue reading Memory System Part 3: Imaginary World

Memory System Part 2: 3×3 Grid

I have outlined in part 1 of this series possible applications for an improved memory. The two applications I suggested were: (1) to be able to aid our imagination and creativity and (2) create more memorable stories. I think the second application is really only relevant for those who want to become better creators of … Continue reading Memory System Part 2: 3×3 Grid